Two In One Tania Kimono Set

৳ 4,350

Our two in one Tania kimono set includes a kimono, a sleeveless inner , a niqab and a hijab. the material of the kimono and inner is cherry. The hijab is of marble slab cotton material. The niqab is of namasti material. Wearing the niqab will not be enough as it doesn’t cover the neck area. So, Wearing a hijab is a must. The komono has snap buttons in the front so that it can also be used as an abaya !!!

Full Set (kimono+inner+niqab+hijab)
4350 TK
Kimono Only
1800 TK
Sleeveless Inner Only
1500 TK
Niqab Only
700 TK
Hijab Only
350 TK