Haramain Jilbab (teal)

From ৳ 3,443

Haramain Jilbab Set includes a jilbab, skirt and a niqab. However, you can purchase them separately. The jilbab and skirt both has matching buttons. Its  a free size item. All you need to give is your height. We will customize the jilbab and skirt length according to your height. the niqab here is used is our 3 layer piku round niqab. Material is Cherry.

Full Set (jilbab+inner+niqab)
3443 TK (SAVE 607 TK)
2805TK (SAVE 495 TK)
Jilbab Only
1800 TK
Inner Only
1500 TK
Niqab Only
750 TK